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Naming the BabyNaming the Baby

Our first major challenge in the world of blogging was to decide on a domain name (the address people use to access your blog). We wanted a name which described the content of the blog, but it should also be short and not already in use.

The last caused some serious headaches. Especially because we wanted a .com address. No one is forcing you to choose a .com domain, but a lot of people will automatically write .com following a name and many successful sites end with .com.

We have talked about writing a blog for years, which would primarily be about DIY’s, reviews and family life, and since we do a lot of these things together anyway, it made sense to start a joint blog.

We started with a mind map of the blogs content using synonym tools. It was important for us that the name could accommodate if the blog, maybe in the future, would take a turn. It’s just a damn shame to be forced to a name change in the middle of a hopefully successful blogging career.

The first 10-15 good suggestions were obviously already taken and since we didn’t want a name too close to other blogs or companies, we were forced to return to the drawing board MANY times.

It’s quite annoying to find the perfect name and then discover that it’s already been taken by someone who doesn’t even use it

We used to check for domain availability. We checked .net and .org and googled the name to make sure that our name wasn’t too close to other blogs etc. Finally we used to check for name trademarks.

We needed to decide the purpose of our blog. Did we want it to be hobby based or more professional? If you only blog for fun and you don’t want to invest (other than your time of course), you can choose one of the free platforms like or You can get started with minimal effort but then you will have minimal control of the technical aspects and future possibilities of your blog. Furthermore, the services can be discontinued by the companies running them at any giving time.

We wanted to be able to control every aspect of the blog and registered a domain name and found a hosting partner capable of hosting the platform. We chose WordPress because it’s a well-tested platform with a large user base and a helpful community. You can download the WordPress software from and install it on a server meeting the minimal requirements of the software. has guides on requirements and installation.

We also created a Youtube account and a Google account with a username/channel name corresponding to our chosen domain name and NOW the real work can finally begin.

How did you chose the name for your blog and do you have any regrets?


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