The Fabric Softener Hack

As you probably know fabric softener is bad for the environment, and be sure that if it smells great it’s filled with perfume. I really don’t like my clothes smelling like perfume and the baby definitely doesn’t need it.

In stead we use untainted vinegar. Vinegar has the same softening effect on clothes as fabric softener and in addition, it’s also beneficial for your washing machine as it reduces limescale.

Vinegar doesn’t remove static electricity, but most of our clothes are made of natural materials such as cotton and wool, so for us it’s no problem.

Here’s the hack:

EddikeOrdinary fabric softener costs about $8 pr. liter whereas vinegar is $1.5. That’s a nice saving but if you want to lower your costs even further you can do what I do. Just mix acetic acid 32% with water (1/6) and you will have your own fabric softener for the prize of $0.5 a liter.

You dont have to worry about your clothes smelling like vinegar. Trust me it won’t.

I heard that some use soda? Please tell me more.

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