Hama Beads

Hama Beads

As a child I loved beads and now as a parent I might even love them more. We use them to teach M the colors and to practice fine motor skills – in particular precision grip. It’s also quite fun for adults who may express themselves creatively.

Hama beadsYou can get different kinds of beads but I’ve been told that Hama beads are the best, so I went out and bought 30.000 beads in 48 different colors and a pair of tweezers, which I discovered, is actually pretty need to have.
Apparently birds are popular at the moment so I made a redbreast and a bluetit for the baby’s room, O made a little baby penguin and M made a spinning top (just add a toothpick and spin away).

Spinning TopWhen the children are finished with their bead projects, the question is always what to do with the craft? One idea is to put them to good use and glue magnets onto the beads and use them on the refrigerator.

Now for the ironing – we tried ironing the beads like this guy who uses tape, but O thinks that HE is the master of ironing beads and made his own video tutorial.

We found there to be a few problems with the tape method. Tape is sticky stuff and will not only stick to the beads. This means that unless you are very careful you will be trying to pull the tape off the table, pegbord, iron or anything else in the vicinity, while trying to keep the beads to stay in place. Another problem is that the beads tend to fall off the tape meaning you will spend a lot of time repositioning them.

We found that if you apply just enough heat to the beads for them to adhere to the wax paper, while they are still on the pegboard, you can lift the wax paper and beads off and lay them on a flat, heat resistant surface to finish the ironing/fusing process. This way you avoid damaging the pegboard by overheating it.


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