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5 Effortless Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

You bought the dog before you got kids, maybe even before you found your soul mate. You had all the time in the world to keep the dog company. You went on long walks 5 times a day and hiked on the weekends, trained every Wednesday and cuddled for at least an hour after work.

Suddenly something happened – life took a turn. Maybe you went from part-time employment to full-time, maybe you always had your dog with you to work, but weren’t able to do that anymore, maybe a baby arrived, maybe a baby with colic arrived. The possibilities are endless but we all have periods in our lifes, where its challenging to get everything done and sadly, but often true, the dog are last in line.

Here are some of the things we do to keep our (high activity) dogs happy on busy days…

First and foremost you should put the feeding bowl back in the cabinet and let the dog work for the food, doing some or all of the following activities.

  1. Stuffed BonesBuy empty bones and fill them with canned dog food. Make enough to last all week and put them in the freezer. They should be served frozen.
  2. Bring some dog food when you go for a walk. Make a stop in an area where the dog is allowed off leash and scatter the treats on the ground. I recommend the woods or the beach, but make sure that there aren’t any other dogs around.
  3. Take an old tea towel and put treats inside. Roll it up and give it to the dog. After a while, the task can be made more difficult by tying one or several knots. If your dog likes to take things apart, you should keep an eye on him while solving this task.
  4. Frosen TreatsMake giant ice cubes containing  food or toys. Dry food should be frozen in layers but if you use canned food you can freeze it, in one round.
  5. Place food under a plastic bowl or plate and let the dog work to get the treats out.



Let me know how it goes.

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