We have been together for the last 10 years and have a boy and a girl. We love to spend time doing all kinds of projects, large or small, together or separately. This blog serves as a personal log and hopefully as inspiration for others.

O: Born in 76. Has a Master’s Degree in Health Science (Clinical Biomechanics) and a Bachelor’s degree in Software Construction.

All my life I’ve taken things apart and put them back together, often in new ways. I can’t think of a single toy from my childhood with mechanical or electrical elements that I haven’t dissected or repurposed.

Contact information: o[at]worthredoing.com

K: Born in 83. Has a Master’s Degree in Health Science and is currently working on her Ph.D. Spends quite a lot of time working as a dog trainer.

I have spent hours and hours reading other people’s blogs and wondered how perfect and wonderful things always come together and how people always succeed with their projects. I put those hacks and tutorials to the test.

Contact information: k[at]worthredoing.com

O and K