Old-fashioned Apple Trifle

Autumn equals Apples and for the first time, our little apple tree has blessed us with a decent yield. One of my favorite things to make with apples is trifle and this recipe is just how my mom makes it.


  • 2½ oz. (70 g.) sugar
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla sugar
  • 2 lb. (1 kg.) apples peeled and diced
  • Whipped cream
  • Macaroons
  • Dark chocolate

Cook the apples with 2/3 fl. oz. (2 dl.) water in a pot. When the apples are cooked easy, add sugar and vanilla. Stir and cook until the consistency is just right. Allow the apple sauce to cool.

The sauce can be eaten with vanilla ice cream for dessert or yogurt for breakfast, but I like it the best used in a trifle.

Place layers of apple sauce, macaroons and whipped cream on top of each other and finish with chopped chocolate.

What is your favorite apple recipie?


Sophie la Girafe

Yesterday we received a gift certificate and I went off to buy baby toys. Sophie the Girafe is the best selling toy in France and it’s pretty popular in my area too.

20150912_090402_resized_1The company claims that this toy will be your baby’s all-time favorite and you can pad yourself on the back for purchasing it, since it stimulates all five of the baby’s senses, is made out of natural rubber and free of BPA and phthalates.

I recommend buying the unscented version due to health reasons.

It’s pretty pricy (about 30 dollars), but since I gave away our old teething toys, we needed new ones.

Is it worth the money? Time will tell.

What is your child’s favorite teething toy?

Shower Painting

I found this post on Miss Banana Pants’ blog and wanted to try it out.

The shaving cream was about a dollar and the food coloring was also around a dollar each (I got four). Unfortunately I couldn’t find any shaving cream without perfume (went to three different stores), so the poor kid smelled pretty manly afterwards. Kidding aside you really shouldn’t use products with perfume on the kids, since it increases the risk of allergies. Actually I later read (on my quest to find a more healthy shaving cream) that it’s very easy to produce unscented shaving cream but unfortunately the demand is low for the time being.

Note to dog – stay away from bathroom


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Push Presents

Until very recently, I hadn’t heard of the term “push present”. Who the hell came up with that name anyway? A friend gave birth and explained that she on that occasion received a diamond ring from the father.

Hmm, should I now feel cheated? I didn’t get a present in the delivery room – other than my amazing children of course. Continue reading Push Presents

Name and Registration Please

Naming the BabyNaming the Baby

Our first major challenge in the world of blogging was to decide on a domain name (the address people use to access your blog). We wanted a name which described the content of the blog, but it should also be short and not already in use.

The last caused some serious headaches. Especially because we wanted a .com address. No one is forcing you to choose a .com domain, but a lot of people will automatically write .com following a name and many successful sites end with .com.

We have talked about writing a blog for years, which would primarily be about DIY’s, reviews and family life, and since we do a lot of these things together anyway, it made sense to start a joint blog. Continue reading Name and Registration Please