Push Presents

Until very recently, I hadn’t heard of the term “push present”. Who the hell came up with that name anyway? A friend gave birth and explained that she on that occasion received a diamond ring from the father.

Hmm, should I now feel cheated? I didn’t get a present in the delivery room – other than my amazing children of course. Continue reading Push Presents

Name and Registration Please

Naming the BabyNaming the Baby

Our first major challenge in the world of blogging was to decide on a domain name (the address people use to access your blog). We wanted a name which described the content of the blog, but it should also be short and not already in use.

The last caused some serious headaches. Especially because we wanted a .com address. No one is forcing you to choose a .com domain, but a lot of people will automatically write .com following a name and many successful sites end with .com.

We have talked about writing a blog for years, which would primarily be about DIY’s, reviews and family life, and since we do a lot of these things together anyway, it made sense to start a joint blog. Continue reading Name and Registration Please